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My 3 year old girl has had bowel issues since before she was a year old. Specifically she has had chronic constipation. Her stool have never been normal. Usually small and firm. She has always eaten a lot of veggies and fruits. Broccoli is her favourite! Finally I got to a Dr that didn't brush me off who put my child on Miralax. She started off with 2 teaspoons which actually worked and she was doing great. Eventually she Started holding it in again and we had to up the Miralax dose to half a cap. It got to the point that in order to go her stools had to be very loose to diarrhea consistency and I could not get a Dr to listen to me. She finally got to the point that she would not go at all and I was told once again to up her dose to 1 cap plus give her milk of mag as needed to go. This didn't help. She would still hold it in and we would just have leakage. I made her an appointment with the ped and she did a rectal exam and discovered that she had a large clump of stool pretty far up her colon and told me to continue the Miralax and do one enema every day for 3 days and scheduled an appointment with the GI for the end of June. My daughter is still refusing to go and we ware just having "leakage" I called the ped back and she called the GI and what do you know, they got her in this coming Monday. I have tried almost all of it. Diet changes and all. She ate a ton of corn the other day and nothing. The ped said that clump could still be up there, so I guess that could be our problem. Does anyone else think that it is strange that they haven't done an x-ray on her yet? Can anyone tell me what to expect at the GI on Monday.

I also have a 15 month old that gets bought of diarrhea. Diary and soy were to cause and also I think wheat. He also gets really bad gas and will get really cranky. When he gets diarrhea he instantaneously gets a bad diaper rash. It is also common for him to have mucus and slimy stools with the diarrhea. The Dr did a blood allergy test and he was neg for everything so she is now sending him to a GI too. I just can't help but feel like I am getting passed off here. Should I ask for a skin allergy test. He is a very healthy boy. He weighs 28lbs.

Any feedback on both or either is more then welcomed.
Today the GI did a physical exam and a rectal exam and said that both of those were normal. He then took an x-ray and that sowed that she was impacted on the left side. I was happy that someone finally did an x-ray and the Dr was happy that he did it too, because now he knows how aggressively we need to treat this. He upped her Miralax dose from 1 cap ful(adult dose) to 2 cap fulls. For now we are to give her an enema tonight and tomorrow and 1 square of ex-lax today, tomorrow and Wednesday and on Friday and Saturdays until further notice. We are also to mix 8 caps of Miralax with 64 oz of juice and she is to drink that in the next 48 hours. We are to keep her BMs the consistency of pudding. OK, so I won't be having any of that any time soon. ;) We have another follow up on June 26th. She has an enlarged colon due to the constipation, but that will shrink back down when she is going regularly. Basically what we have to do know is to train her to have BMS and lat/make herself go. Hopefully once we get this impaction taken care of it will be easier for her to go. She has been having tummy pains and not eating well and this is why.

WaytoGo14 - The Dr doesn't think that she exhibits the symptoms of hypothyroidism. She is very hyper active and doesn't complain of the cold. He thinks that the constipation is more of a mental thing and I really think that is the case here. We will see how the next few weeks turn out.

Thank you for all your support, I really do appreciated it. This is so hard to deal with. I just hate seeing my little giral have to go through this, and I hate giving her all these meds.
Hi Gel,

Just FYI: it can take up to 6 months (sometimes even longer) for the colon to shrink back to normal size. And with the amount of miralax you are dealing with I don't think you will see pudding (sorry), I think you will see watery stools, and a lot of them (sorry again).

She is actually doing a lot better. Still on teh miralax, but going everyday on the potty! It has been a long hard road, but we are fianally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My sons issues have cleared up and he can now have dairy. Yay! I have been very blessed.
My son has had bouts of constipation due to food allergies. The Dr I took him to said to continue on the capful of Miralax everyday, and to mix a tablespoon of Karo syrup with 4-8 oz of prune juice as needed, and to bring him into our local ER, or urgent care, if he went more than 3 days without a complete bm. one thing to note, due to your children's age and not knowing their medical histories, I would check with their regular doctor before trying the Karo syrup. As far as feeling as if your being pawned off on yet another doctor, you may be. As a parent, you are the voice for your children. If you feel their is something wrong, speak up. Request the x-ray, and any other tests you feel might be helpful. After all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!! As far as the allergy testing, i would request it. My son's bloodwork came back with no reaction to anything. When I had the skin test done, I found out that he has a class 3 wheat allergy, a class 4 corn and lactose allergy, and a class 5 (the worst) allergy to dust mites. He also has several sensitivities to other stuff that leads to the constipation and diarreah cycle. My doctor must hate it when I make an appointment for him, but I'm not afraid to speak up for my kids. Good luck with the kiddies.