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She does have celiac disease and is on a strict gluten free diet. She does take omega 3.6.9 each day in her juice. She hasen't had any incidents because she would violently vomit. But the sleepiness has been ongoing for quite some time now. She has been complaining about being tired alot for about a year now. Maybe she has some type of a sleep disorder. I am at a loss.
Even on the gluten free diet she still has major constipation or some type of blockage issues which I have to talk to her gastro about. She is still on miralax every other day or she cannot have a bm and she will get the very distended abdomen and had to have an enema twice in the past (very last resort) tried everything before that but really weird is that when she did go when most kids go usually it takes about a minute or so it took her about 15 minutes and it usually is in log form. Hers are always like bricks (square formed when she hasn't gone in a few days. Very painful looking. I do use organic shampoos and soap on her because she does have fair and sensitive skin It does help so I am greatful for that. She is a mystery to me.
Thanks for all the great info. I will probably call them today,and make the appt.

I also asked the dr a while ago about lupus but she said probably not I think because of her age but she does have a positive ANA a few times of
the normal range for their lab is < 1:40
she also has alot of the other symptoms too but we'll see in the future.