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how much miralax do you give to a three 3 year old
Why does your three year old need Miralax? It concerns me that these drugs are prescribed to such young children and they don't even have proper dosing for those under 12, you have to ask, that somewhat baffles me. Try changing your childs diet. I went through this last year with my young child. It took about a month of trial and error for me to figure out how to balance her diet enough for her bad constipation to stop. You can more than likely do this on your own. These these deposit chemicals into the body which leave the bodies immune system weakened and therefore more open to getting sick, with the upcoming fall and winter flu season you need to be careful and make sure the immune system is strong so your child is strong enough to fight off the sickness.
Up to a cap (17 gr or 1Tbs) in 8oz of fluids, 2 times a day. That is about the max though, and will make very soft stools (which would be needed if you are trying to heal mega colon or mega rectum issues).
Miralax is safe to use as it doesn't stimulate bowels, and therefore won't cause lazy bowels.

Alexa, I agree with Amy, don't be quick to judge, some kids have major medical issues warranting the use of Miralax for a really long time. My daughter was on it in for 4+ years.