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  1. Back Pain/Muscle Spasms Worse
    ... transferred to a new doctor. His new doctor has prescribed mirapex (which is a parkinson's medication) It has helped...
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  2. fusion L3 & L4 with Parkinson ? recovery?
    ... the pain? Parcopa: 25/250 8:00 am Altace: 5mg Mirapex : 1.50mg Baby aspirin: .81 Comtan: 200mg Toprol ... XL: 100mg 12:00pm Mirapex : 1.50mg Plavix: 75mg Carbidopa/levo: 1 1/2 tab ... 325/500 4:00 Carbidopa/levo: 1 1/2 tabs 25-100 Mirapex : 1.50mg Comtan: 200mg Amantadine: Caps 100mg ...
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