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Hi everyone,

The last couple of months I've posted on here under various other topics as my doctors try to "guess" as to what might be wrong with me. I just found out today my symptoms might be due to low blood pressure. Two months ago I started having random dizzy spells that would last seconds or minutes, a couple of several hour long vertigo spells, and in the last couple of weeks I've recently battled severe acid reflux, some tinnitus that went away, nausea, and even more dizziness.

My doctor told me to monitor my blood pressure and blood sugar throughout the day when I was standing and resting. So far the past few days my BP and sugar have both been very normal - my BP stayed mainly around 115/75 to 110/75. Today I was sitting on the couch reading a book and stood up and started walking when all of a sudden I had another short vertigo relapse that lasted only seconds. I took my blood pressure a few minutes later and it was 99/66. I called the nurse at my doctor's office and she said that sounds low and I may have "Orthostatic hypertension" where my BP drops when standing.

I just wondering if any of you have ever had low blood pressure and drops that caused you to have vertigo and dizzy spells? One of my bad vertigo spells happened at night and most of the random dizzy spells that I have had occurred when I was at work. I'm a pharmacy technician so I'm on my feet the whole time and moving around - no sitting. My ENT doctor thought I had BPPV (benign paroxymal positional vertigo), an inner ear disorder, that would go away with time and that is where my vertigo and dizziness was coming from. The acid reflux was thought to be due to drinking too much Powerade and grape juice (I drank a bunch of juice/powerade over Xmas weekend because I thought I might be dehydrated and that was causing the nausea).

I started taking Prevacid today for my acid reflux and I also started a new birth control (Mircette) on Sunday because my gyno thought I was dehydrated from my previous BC and that could cause the dizziness. It's frusterating when all my doctors are saying different things but it would be nice to know if anyone else has low blood pressure and has had vertigo, feelings of off-balance, and dizziness at random times of day so maybe I finally found out what was wrong with me. :)