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Several years ago I was told I had Reactive arthritis, but for the past month I've had severe pain that does not feel or act like what I experienced with reactive. This pain comes from my wrists (both hands), but I don't think it's carpal tunnel. It seems to radiate throughout my hands and is so painful that it often wakes me up during the night. The mornings are bad and then it becomes tolerable throughout the day. Holding a phone is almost unbearable or holding anything in a grasp. I have no strength in my hands at all. Brushing my teeth and hair can be excruciating in the mornings. I had been taking Mobic but got no relief for this. The joints in my fingers are somewhat inflamed, but I see no redness/swelling in my wrists. My appt. with my rheumatologist isn't for a couple of weeks, but I don't know if I can wait that long. He's done blood tests before for RA, but they're always negative. Can anyone tell me if this pain in my wrists/hands sounds like osteoarthritis, RA, something else?
I also have RA that lives mostly in my wrists and hands. I had pain and swelling and a solid mass of flesh over the tops of my hands so that it looked as tho' I had no knuckles at all. My Dr. put me on Methotrexate, Embrel and Mobic and the swelling went away but most of the pain stayed. I can live with that as it only really bothers me on stinky rainy cool days. Who needs a weather man? I had another Dr. prescribe percocet for another problem and found that I have a life again. I can crochet, knit, latch hook, sew, I can even use a knife and fork again. The percocet is a low dose and I am careful with it. My RA is also in my feet, knees (OA) there, hips and shoulders, and I'm beginning to suspect my spine may be involved also. I just spent 9 days in the hospital and the only place they could find to put an IV was the base of my wrists, yes, I had two of them, and when they blasted, they moved them to the backs of my hands. I'm still trying to get over those. By the way I'm female on the other side of young, but I hurt just like you guys do. Good luck to you all.
I really appreciate the input you all have given me. Yesterday I decided to experiment more and put my hormone patch back on full strength. The day before I had ditched the Mobic, which didn't seem to help much, and resumed taking Bextra(yes, I know the risks). I think the hormones played a definite part because the pain is not as bad now, but the swelling seems to be worse in the mornings. At least I wasn't awakened in the night by the pain. It's funny you mentioned crocheting, Susan, because several months ago I began a crochet project (new to that) and that's when this hand thing got started. Needless to say, I've had to put my crocheting aside. I am a teacher, and when holding a pen/pencil becomes a chore, that's not good!