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Is Mobic in the same class as Bextra, Celebrex and Vioxx? I sure hope not. The Rheumy wants me to try it now and tonight is my 2nd night taking it. So far no relief at all but was told it could take 4 weeks to see a difference.
It also gives me stomach pains and indigestion so I'm taking PepcidAC with it.
I'm very sensitive to meds so I'm hoping this works w/o major side effects.

Anyone have any good results with Mobic?

Harmony :wave:
After the initial Bextra "scare" came out, my dr. switched me to Mobic. I did not get as much relief from it as I did Bextra, and lately I've been in such pain with my hands that I refilled my Bextra prescription. Just in the nick of time since they took it off the market yesterday! I'm going back to the dr. next week, so we'll see what he wants to try next. My mom always liked Mobic, but I know another lady who couldn't take it because it caused a lot of stomach problems for her.
Boy I tried Mobic,,,made me so sick,,,had to stop taking it :eek:
Hope you get some relief from it
~~Lorrie :)
Today, I didn't take a Bextra and I'm already in agony. My fingers and knees are hurting. I haven't tried Mobic. Someone suggested using MSM cream. Has anyone else had luck with that? I took extra strength Tylenol this morning and it helped for several hours, but nothing helps me as much as Bextra. I'm so upset that it was taken off the market. I have a few months worth left, but then what?
I could tell a difference with Mobic within 4 or 5 days. Its been great for me and no major side effects.
I got some samples of Mobic today and will start taking it tomorrow. I hope it won't upset my stomach like it seems to do with so many others.
Thank you all for your replies. I tried Mobic for a week and it gave me too much stomach pain and heartburn. For the week I took it I had no relief at all. I'm glad it has helped some of you. Now the Dr. is prescribing Voltaren. I hope I can tolerate it. This is the 3rd NSAID I'm trying. Anyone try Voltaren?

Sunshine123....I hope the Mobic helps you.

Harmony :wave:
I am now taking mobic since vioxx has beeen taken off the market and get no relief at all. I have scheduled a knee replacement that my doctor has talked about for 2 years. I know I would hold off a while longer if vioxx were still around.