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Is anyone familar with, or presently taking the anti-infammatory mobic? My Dr. prescribed it for my osteoarthritis when they pulled Bextra , which had done wonders for me. I have never heard of this one and am curious. Any feedback would help.
Thank you : :confused:
:) Mobic was a miracle drug for me for 7 months. I took 15 mg a day and was pain-free for a good 18 hours a day. I had to quit taking it because it sent my blood pressure to the stratosphere...... It was wonderful while I was able to take it, though. I wish you luck on it.
My doctor had me switch to Mobic from Naproxen and it wasn't any better. I tried Mobic for four weeks, and then went back to Naproxen, because it is so much cheaper. I get a generic form of Aleve at Costco.