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Hi Guys-

Well just got my lab results back from my rheumy. Not really what I was expecting though. Kinda unclear as to what it is that I have. No diagnosis yet. He still wants to run more blood work on meto help narrow down what the problem might be. The x-rays show that I have a very high inflamation rate inmy body and he is saying that it could be several types of inflamatory arthritis. He put me on plaquenil 200mg twice a day and he wants me to stay on that for a year. Also, he has me on mobic, which is an inflamitory reducer. All this is on top of the synthroid that I am taking as well. Geez...that seems like a lot! I haven't really read much on the plaquenil yet, does anyone know what exactly this is used for and what it does? I am supposed to go back for more lab work in 4 weeks followed up by an appt with the rheumy again. I know it is very hard to diagnose something that is so unclear, but it is just so frustrating to have to wait and wait when you want to know what is going on with your body. As of right now, the only clarification that I have is that it is an autoimmune disorder of some kind that I have. Anyone shed a little light on this for me?? I'd appreciate it.