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Have no fear, MysteryWhiteBoy. AS is not by any means a death sentence. I was dx'd with AS about 13 yrs ago and so far have no fusing in my spine. Having AS does not mean you will definitely fuse and there are a number of new meds (biologics) that have been proven to be effecitive in slowing or stopping the damage they may occur with AS. I am now 56 and was dx'd at 43 and probably had symptoms since early 30's and am now on Enbrel and Mobic along with morphine for breakthrough pain. I lead what I like to believe is a pretty normal life and have found that as long as I do not overdo it with physical things than I am fine. The most important thing you can do (and it may take a few tries) is to get yourself a good Rheumatologist who is familiar with the Spondylarthropathies and work with him to develope a treatment plan.

There is a great deal of help out there so don't despair. Search the net on AS and you will find a great deal of info and resources for help. By the way your x-ray results could be normal and it could still be AS. Mine did not show on xray or MRI until last year and than they just showed inflammation in my SI (sacroilliac) joints. The only other test (which is not conclusive) is a blood test for the HLA-B27 gene which , if you are positive, means your are more likely to have AS than someone who is negative.

Hope this helps. Fear not and good luck.