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Today, I have been experiencing severe RA pain in my feet and I just noticed also that I am beginning to get little bumps/blisters on my bottom lip. I am not sure if this might be a side effect from the medication I am on (Plaquenil, Mobic, Levoxyl) or if it is part of the flare that I am having. I haven't read anywhere that this is a side effect of any of the medicine that I am on, nor any symptom of RA. Does anyone know of this happening with RA or lupus, or anything of the sort? I am still in my 'diagnosis' stage, so I am not even positive it is in fact RA. But ALL of my symptoms are that of RA. So I have pretty much diagnosed myself with RA. Also, I have been experiencing severe minstral problems aswell. Anyone have any ideas? Please share, I would greatly appreciate.