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Hi everyone: I had been taking Bextra for arthritis pain in my knees and it worked great. This morning I took a 7.5 mg. Mobic. It didn't give me any pain rellief. So, I'm thinking maybe I need to take it for a few days to see if it works or increase the dose to 15 mgs. I'm going for Acupuncture this afternoon. I hope it helps b/c I can't stand being in pain all the time. If not, I'll have to call my Orthopedist and ask what else I can try. The Drs. out here are all afraid to prescribe narcotics, so I know that's out. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks.
When I started Mobic, I started with a 15 mg dose and knew within 90 minutes that I had a winnner! It kept me pain free for 18 hours a day for several months. Unfortunately, it made my blood pressure dangerously high and I can no longer take it. I hope it works for you and doesn't cause bad side effects. :)
Thanks Sue and teachergirl. I'm glad you guys have found the right meds. for you.

The Mobic relieved my pain for about 12 hrs. today. I wish I could still order Bextra. That really gives me long-lasting pain relief and no side effects. I've still got some here, but know I shouldn't take it.
I got some mobic on wednesday for the first time, my doctor gave me some as a sample, i took it that wed. afternoon and it did seem like my mobility was better, but what got me was, thursday morning i woke up, and i had no pain at all and i wasnt stiff, for the last 2 months every morning i woke up i would hurt and it would be hard to move around, but when i took that mobic it made a difference, well i hope it is the mobic or maybe i just had a lucky day. by the way im taking 2 pills of it, both are 7.5 or something like that. :bouncing:
I noticed a side effect last night that I don't like. My hands and feet were tingling. I know it's from the Mobic b/c I didn't have that before I took it and I don't have it today b/c I didn't take one. Today, I just took Advil, which did absolutely nothing for me. My knees hurt so bad I can hardly walk. I'm seeing my Dr. on Wed. I hope he can come up with something else for me to try.

Mark, I'm glad you got relief from Mobic.

Has anyone else had tingling from it?
Mobic is really bothering my stomach already, darn it. Do any of you take antacids or H2 blockers with it? Pepcid isn't really helping. I've taken some peppermint pills to relieve the gas and eaten some ginger slices for nausea and upset stomach. I wish I didn't need to take any NSAIDS. It's too bad that Tylenol doesn't relieve my pain.
I have been taking Mobic for a year now and it works great for me. However, I'm starting to worry about long term effects. Any thoughts? Thanks DDES
I took mobic for a couple weeks. It only took the edge off the pain of my knees. I have to be careful taking any type of NSAIDs since I am prone to gastritis.; so I also take Aciphex to protect my stomach. When the pain gets real bad in my knees I take to Ultrams (tramadol) before I go to bed and that helps me get to sleep. I usually will not have pain in the morning.

My advice is to take mobic only as long as you need to for pain. You should take it with a proton pump inhibitor (aciphex, nexium, prevacid or prilosec). Pepcid doesn't really work.
I've been taking Mobic with Prilosec OTC and I still have an upset stomach from the Mobic. I think I'll just stick with Advil and Acupuncture.
Hi! For me, Mobic has been a wonder drug! I started with 7.5mg but didn't
notice a thing. My doctor then increased it to 15mg once daily and like others on this board, I felt the difference within hours. I have osteoarthritis in both feet/ankles and while the Mobic doesn't keep me 100% pain free, it
has reduced the pain to a level that for me, is acceptable and manageble and
sometimes even ignorable and allows me to keep working my job which requires me to be on my feet 12 to 14 hours a day. I am concerned about having to take it every day b/c I have high BP, and plan on trying to take it every other day to see if it continues to be effective.
I also have been taking Mobic, I have severe RA and it has helped a little but not the amount of relief that most of you have experienced. I was wondering
if maybe OA responds better to this Medication than RA does. I have also noticed a flare-up of my reflux. I have had to double my Nexeum to protect
my heartburn. Between the increase of Methotrexate and my Humeria it gets
alittle upsetting. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

I decided to stop taking Mobic b/c it's not helping any better than Advil. Also, it's so expensive I can't really afford it anymore. Bextra helped me so much. I can't believe it was pulled off the market.