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Are you talking about a cheilectomy? If so, I would stick to anti inflammatories until they no longer work (Mobic or Celebrex if you can take them or Aleve if you aren't to that bad a stage yet). I had hallux rigidus which included bumps on the top of the foot on either side of the joint from the bone rubbing on bone. Once the Vioxx quit working, we did the surgery. I'll tell you this about the surgery, the moment the stitches come out - start moving that toe! Be sure you are back on the anti-inlfammatory and work it...pull out and up and down as many times a day as you can think of it. I promise you will be glad you did. It won't be fun but the down side is even less fun...getting it fused. Had mine done 2 years ago, am on Mobic, and I jog 2 -3 miles with no problems. But I made sure I worked on that toe post-op. Since you said consultant I assume you are a Brit or a Canadian and don;t have much choice about your doctor. If I am wrong, then get thee to the best sports orthopaedic doc you can find. If you live in a town with a major sports team, find out who they use and go to him/her. You;ll be glad you did!