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Hi Dorrie! I can sympathize! I have osteoarthritis in both feet and ankles and
in the mornings my feet/ankles hurt so much and are so stiff that I have to use a walker to get to the bathroom. After this initial walk in the morning,
however, I don't need the walker and am able to get dressed, go to work, etc. I'm only 49 but my job requires me to be on my feet 12-14 hours a day
and I guess my foot/ankle joints are just wearing out. I was first diagnosed
with OA in my fight foot when I was only 27. Do you have a job/vocation and
or hobby that requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time?
I've been taking Mobic for the pain and it has been a miracle drug for me.
I also do a number of different stretches/exercises targeted for my feet and ankles to keep them limber and to stregthen the surrounding tendons and ligaments. This helps tremendously with the pain/stiffness also.
Hope this helps.
Chi-Town thanks. I can relate to this uncomfortable condition. I should do the stretching exercises as well. Glad to hear that Mobic is helping to manage your pain..