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For the past few months I have had severe pain in the joints of my fingers.. on both hands. Went to my doc and he did a full blood panel as well as x-rays. Everything came back normal. The pain is horrible and since I have no swelling in my joints, Mobic does nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going on? I just don't understand why the joints in my fingers hurt if I don't have arthritis. I'm only 35 and I am healthy. I'm glad its not arthritis, but I don't know what it could be. Any advice would be appreciated...... :) :)
I understand your concern.
For years I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis only to be told eventually I had osteo arthritis.
I have had swelling of my joints especially my wrists and knees.
Having come from South Africa where the drug laws are more lapse I have been on prednisone for about ten years and this has kept my symptoms under control. My dose was about 10 to 20mg per day depending on the time of the year. Winters here hurt the most.
When I arrived here they tried to take me of the prednisone and we went through Mobic and all the other common USA drugs for this over a period of three years.
All of them failed and either the side effects or the inability to relieve pain caused me to plead with my doctor to let me continue with the prednisone. He finally relented and now I am back on the prednisone.
By the way trying to get off it after so long is extremely painful.
A week ago I went to renew my prescriptions and rheumatologist said he wanted to try me on Humera which I did and I took the first injection a week ago.
Since then I have had severe bone pain and do not intend to continue with this drug. I am still taking the prednisone.
No one has been able to account for the pain and tell me it is not due to the Humera.
I have no side effect from the prednisone at all and will keep taking this as it is the only medication which seems to work.
The question I ask is why could they not identify the type of arthritis I have in the first place?
I would suggest you have your arthritis investigated more fully and see if you have not been mis-diagnosed.
If so Mobic and others will not help.
Does any one have any experience with Humera and if so have you experienced severe bone pain?