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I take Humeria injections weekly with methotrexate (8 pills /week) I was taking Mobic
which did help but really upset my stomach, I can't take any non steriodal antiinflammatories because of my stomach so I take pain medication when needed.
I wish I could say that these medications are the "cure all" because they are not.
Some days are better than others. My best advice is to do everything possible
which includes not only medication for pain but water therapy, massage, healthy diet
but I also say that when it is time for pain management then talk to your doctor and make sure that he/she knows whats happening, I had the habit of thinking I was tough enough to deal with pain without complaining but it was the wrong thing to do.
There are medications to take that at least we can have a quailty of life and we should have a quailty of life! I hope that you get your answers and fell better soon!!