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I have OA in the same area due to a fusion I had 2 years ago and have had one injection done and I can honeslty say never again! It didn't help and there is only a 50/50 chance it "might" help. I had mine done with a fluroscopy (sp) which is the best method because it gets exactly in the area that needs to be injected and it still failed and it was one of the most painful things I ever had gone through outside of a lumbar injection (which I'll never do again either)
Furthermore, dispite what doctors tell you, steroidal injections are not intended for usage in the spine anywhere at anytime. They can lead to further damage. There's a bit report on the subject but the name escapes me and it can be found in the pain management board.
For what it's worth the best option until you can actually have it surgically fixed is gentle exercises, ice (if there is swelling never use heat it imflames it more!) and anti-imflamatories. A TENS unit can also provide additional relief as well as Lidocaine patches which is what I use. Advil does not cut it for true arthritis pain you need to be on something prescribed like Mobic which is much stronger and much more effective.
If you are still suffering with pain then you would be best advised to see out a pain management professional to assist you in medicating your pain in an appropriate manner. There are also alternative therapies which are very effective such as massage therapy and even Reiki.

Good luck