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I am new here.. I'm finding so much helpful info..
I have Rehumatoid Arthritis.. I am going to start mobic..
Is anyone taking it.. any side effects..I would appreciate any info ...
I have tried it while having a mild lupus flare but had to stop taking it. For myself, I think i was allergic to it b/c my eyes got so swollen they were almost shut. Even so, it did not help me at all and my flare actually worsened. But again, everyone is different...and I don't have RA so not sure if Mobic is something that is commonly tried for your condition. Hopefully someone with RA can give you better insight.
Mobic has helped my osteoarthritis quite a bit. I am bone to bone in my knees and this has really helped alleviate some of the pain. I started out on 7.5 mg and the rheumatologist doubled it to 15mg. big difference
I've been on Mobic for a year or longer with no serious side effects. It does cause some stomache problems and I do need to get my liver and kidney checked every 6 months to be sure they are functioning properly. This is pretty normal for the newer more agressive anti-imflamatories.

I've have better luck with Mobic as compared to Celebrex.

Mobic bothered my stomach so much and was so expensive even with insurance that I stopped taking it. Now I just take Advil when I get up. Sometimes I use MSM cream on my knees. Bextra worked well for me, but since it's been taken off the market and Celebrex didn't work for me, I don't have many options.:blob_fire
I was on Mobic for a short while but it did nothing for my RA pains. I know it takes a while to kick in but even then, it wasn't the right treatment for me. HOpefully it will be the right one for you. Good Luck,.
Are you in the US? Yes. 15 mgs of Mobic is like a double dose. I can't imagine taking that much 1-3 times per day. Maybe you should check again with your doctor on the instructions. My understanding and I'm not a doctor, is that it is only recommended to take 15 mgs per day for 5 days in a row for acute pain like after surgery.
I took 15 mg Mobic daily for a little over 7 months for RA pain. I have never found anything that worked that well for me. I was literally pain-free for 18 hours a day. I no longer take it because it made my blood pressure dreadfully high and caused me to break out in a wicked rash.
I did a little reading about arthritis and they do prescribe 15 mgs/day for Mobic. It didn't say anything about 15 mgs several times per day though. The medication at 7.5 mgs made me bleed alot if I got cut so be careful -the clotting time can be very slow. I was just about getting ready to buy a medic alert bracelet in case I was in some sort of accident.