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Yes, I have been without an anti-inflammatory for almost a year. I had a 7 month love affair with Mobic-left me pain-free for 18 hours a day. Eventually, it caused a wicked rash that resembled shingles and sent my blood pressure into the stroke range. I never did find another one to replace it that even came close to working that well. I do have Darvocet to use during the day and Vicodin for night. I don't like to take narcotics so it has to be bad before I will take either of them. My primary doc took one look at the list of meds I take and promptly added another one to them: AcipHex. It's a stomach pill and it works great.
Wannabe, I would claw until I would nearly bleed. My doctor had me get an OTC cortisone cream to put on it. Caladryl Clear also helped. Once the Mobic was out of my system for a couple of days, the rash started going away. You know, I also took Benedryl at night to keep from scratching in my sleep. Take pictures of any and all rashes to show your rheum.