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Hi Grana,

I've had problems with my ankles on & off for about 17 years now. I'm 37 and it all started when I was around 20 yrs. old. I developed alot of swelling, stiffness, redness, joint pain in my right ankle and minimally in my left ankle. After several weeks my left ankle also got worse, but my right was terrible. (then it started going into other joints as well, but that's away from the point). I didnt have insurance, but it was so bad that I racked up my credit cards going from foot doctor to foot doctor....I had shots, tens therapy, heat therapy, whirlpool therapy, prescription aleve. I went to the doc every single week and nothing was helping. I had tests done for gout, but that was ruled out. I couldnt afford to have too many tests done, though. All I was ever diagnosed with was "synovitis" but they didnt know why, as I had no injuries or anything. Any tests I did get was all negative. I was also finally told there was nothing else that could be done. I had this for a year straight (plus like i said earlier, it started happening in other joints too)..but then suddenly it all started going away, all on it's own. Over the years, all this would come & go (though it wouldnt always be in all my joints) then I got all kinds of other symptoms.....but never got any diagnosis or relief. But my right ankle, in particular, pretty much always has at least some swelling in it and it's now to the point that it looks like I have 2 ankles & I cant walk with my foot straight anymore. Finally I got insurance and a friend made me go see her rheumatologist (about 2 yrs ago). I had swelling again when I went, fatigue, stiffness, etc....he gave me all sorts of tests and of course they all came back "in normal ranges" again. He did suspect lupus due to me telling him about a rash I got on my face years back & a dermatologist thought I had lupus. But my rheumy had me try Bextra, which started working pretty good, but then he had me stop it when the problems arose in the news. Then i tried relafen, then mobic..and went downhill til I could barely move at all. He finally saw me in such a bad state, he started me on prednisone & plaquenil right away. Over several days to a week....everythign just went away. Even the long standing, stubborn swelling in my right ankle. Every pain I had was gone. Even though my ankle bones look funny, I was able to keep my foot straight when I walked, without pain. I couldnt believe how great I felt.
I'm still on plaquenil (almost 2 yrs) but since ive been off prednisone, my right ankle has a little constant swelling again...and my joints lately are feeling stiffer again. But anyway, I went so many yrs without a definite diagnosis, all but one test (high ana titer) I ever had came back as normal. And it seems this happens to many people...they go a long time, seeing many different doctors, before they a diagnosis or get treatment that works. And from what I've seen others say, just b/c tests are normal, doesnt mean you don't have something. (when I had clear inflammation my tests came back normal too). I know it's tough to deal with, but don't give up. Find another doctor if you have to.