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I understand how painful flare ups are in the wrists where you can't even lift a dinner plate or frying pan to cook. it's indeed painful.
I'd get it in both wrists from time to time and thought it was from spraining my wrists a few yrs back when I was pushed down onto a street and I landed on my hands to support myself.
It felt like I had broken them. so every now and then they act up. I find the brace to work or ace bandages tightened on them to help ease the discomfort of moving them.
I just found out why my spine has been progressivly getting more painful where it effects my daily life and work. they just found out I have osteoarthritis in the spine and osteoporosis in hip and spine. I'm beginning to think that I have it in my wrists too. My mother and brother both had bone diseases. so it's hereditary too.
I use a heating pad, muscle relaxants from time to time becaues I try not to use them because they make me groggy and a prescription named: Mobic.
nothing works. I have to be in a laying down position till the pain and achiness subsides which takes a good hour. I am finding I can't cook thanksgiving dinners or christmas dinnners anymore. I can't stand for long.
I just turned 46 and am worried about my future with being able to work.
I feel physically older than I really am which gets me feeling down.

my family dr says i can use physical therapy, go to a pain dr. and excerise. that's it. it doesn't sound too promising.
for the way I feel each day, I don't think my dr is really understanding how debilitating this is to me.
you may have to drop typing for awhile till the wrists feel better.
do you have the option? or would this effect your job? you have rights as an employee with having a medical condition. your employer has to give you some slack on this. I read about this not so long ago.
I wish you the best,