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my DJD (degenerative joint disease) or named "osteoarthritis" was diagnosed by xray too. My dr wanted to have an MRI performed but my insurance wouldn't cover it unless I went for physical therapy 1st.
this was BEFORE they found out I had osteo of the spine.

I am looking for other woman who have this condition so I can find out answers to some questions I have about my symtoms

I just turned 46 but I've been having a gnawing achey deep pain in my spine for the past five yrs that eventually is getting worst over time. It interferes with my daily routines such as sitting at my computer at work, standing too long when I cook holiday meals or just cleaning the house for a lengthy amount of time without sitting down. I used to have so much energy and am known from my children and coworkers as a neat freak.

those days are over. I kept complaining to my family dr that It hurt. but nothing was ever suggested or done. then he prescribed mobic? which is an arthritis medication and muscle relaxants because I have spasms. the muscle is being twisted and pulled.
I don't know if this common to happen in woman in my age group and I did have a hysterectomy last yr which I noticed since then my back is getting worst.
my gyno recommended a have a bone density test performed a few months ago which turned out I also have osteoporosis in my spine and hips.
I am prescribed medication to take for that too. but now I'm out of work and have no insurance to cover the cost of the medicine so now I"m not taking it anylonger.
My mother and brother have a bone disease which never concerned me that I'd get it myself because when you're young, you think nothing will happen to you. but osteoarthritis I heard is common in many many people.
but, I've also heard it can be debilitating and I'm frightened that mine will progress to this.
I also use a heating pad when it gets real bad and try not to take the muscle relaxants becasue I feel the pain is more in my bone than the muscles itself.

are your symtoms similar and how long has it been since you were diagnosed?
do you do anything to prevent this from getting worst?

I hope you get this post or anyone else who may be reading it who has the same condition. any replies would be helpful to me and would be appreciated.