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Back in 1993 I dislocated my left ankle by 180 degrees plus broke both leg bones just above the ankle. Skydiving hard landing. :eek: Surgeons put me back together with plates and screws, which have been removed now. They told me I would have a problem with arthritis in that ankle as I aged. Well, I've aged and the ankle is causing me considerable pain. I have tried numerous NSAIDS, Celebrex, Mobic and several others I can't remember. I also take 1500mg of Glucosamine daily. The last MRI showed bone to bone contact. My Doctors, one an Internal Meds. and the other an Orthopedic Surgeon tell me there is not much that can be done for it, short of fusion. If I don't do something soon I won't be able to continue working.

Is there anything else I can try or do that might help?
Thanks for listening,