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Hey Southbeach...

I was in a little car accident the other day and they prescribed an anti-inflammatory called Mobic. It is a one time a day pill and it does not make my stomach upset like Nproxin or Ibuprofen does.

What kind of pain are you having? I live with pain every day and at some point I had to decide what a tollerable level was for me.

I have some permanent nerve damage so I will always have some pain and uncomfortableness. It was hard, but I just have to have acceptance of the way things are at this time in my life. That helps to. I don't always have the acceptance but I try to work on it everyday.

I hope that you find something that works for you that is non narcotic...Good Luck...Chrissy
Back and neck pain from 3 accidents. Do you experience any side effects from the Mobic? That's one of my concerns because I have such a sensitive system, I can't tolerate many meds.
Hey Southbeach,

I think that the Mobic works pretty good for me right now. I have a sensitive little system myself. My colon and stomach are very sensitive and I have even been in the hospital for my colon.

Anyway the Moic does not make me feel anything. It is a one time a day thing. I think it may not work as great at the end of the day or it could just be that by the end of the day my neck is tired of holding up my head.

I think that it helps somewhat for the sore muscels in my arm as well. I am still trying to strengthen my left arm. After 3 years of no use and 4 surgeries on the same wrist and elbow (left arm) it has serious atrophy so the muscels get inflamed from strengthening.
The ER and then the follow up with my regular doc put me on the Mobic and Flexaril a muscle relaxer. They say the muscle relaxer is not narcotic. I certainly hope so because I am not willing to go through what I just went through with all the other stuff I was on. Just because you don't abuse the meds does not absolve you from going through a full on detox.

As far as my arm goes all the Docs signed me off there cases this week so workers comp will end and the only thing I will be dealing with is the neck stuff from my car accident.
I hope that his information has helped and you can find some relief soon.
Hi there,
Sorry to hear about your pain issues,Though I know exactly what you are dealing with..And it can be tricky to find an otc pain reliever that can actually help in a chronic pain situation..I know there are alot of us addicts out there that came to our addictions through chronic pain situations..I know I did...Myself I chose methadone for my recovery which has been a wonderful tool for me..Though contrary to popular belief just because the effects of the methadone for withdrawals and cravings work for 24hrs doesnt mean the analgesic affects do..In truth they only last approx 4-6hrs after dosing.So truth be told a person on MMT gets little relief for chronic pain atleast until the point they get takehomes and can split dose if they so choose..
Anyways my point is that when the analgesic affects wear off I am still left with the problems that cause the chronic pain in the first place.Which I am sure alot of you can relate to..I have always had good effects with an OTC called Percogesic...I mean yes it sounds like a narcotic but its not..Its an USA brand otc that works wonders on pain...I live by the stuff for joint and muscle pain...Though for toothache pain good old fashioned ibuprofen works great for me there...Anyways I know they carry it at walmart and Freds Dollar stores..I would give it a try..I mean what can it hurt?It might even help..Oh and you dont need an Rx for it either so thats a plus...
I have heard great things about the Mobic as an anti-inflammatory but its not an OTC and requires a doctors prescription for it..If you have a doctor that would be willing to Rx it and insurance that will cover it then go for it..Maybe you could even talk your doctor into giving you some samples of it before you purchase an entire script just in case you have an adverse reactions to it you wont have wasted your money....I wish you lots of luck hun and hope you find something to help ease some of your pain...I KNOW how it is to hurt...Take Care of your self....


Flexeril isnt a narcotic so you dont have to worry about it in that sense and from my experience with it there is no "feel good" properties that would make you wanna take more and more like you would a narcotic so you should be okay with that..The ONLY thing I ever got from flexeril other than some spasm relief is sleep,lol....I hope you feel better soon also hun...
Take Care....