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Have any of you had any experience with Mobic? Dr. put me on Medrol dosepak and Mobic last week, Medrol is finished and the pain came back like gangbusters and this Mobic doesn't seem to be doing anything. Does it take time to build up in your system? I think I like my Advil better.

My Doc. Put Me On Mobic. It Help For Awhile Then My Blood Pressure Went Up. So I Had To Go Off. So Watch That. Good Luck With It
Thanks for this information about resveratol. I'm always in search of alternatives to conventional meds. I've tried most of them (Arava, Embrel, MTX, Mobic, Celebrex, etc...) with little to no relief, so I'll gladly give resvertol a try along with some red wine. THANKS!!!!
Over the years I've gone on and off conventional meds, but I come back because I'm afraid that if I don't I will cause serious damage to my joints. I was diagnosed with RA in 1997 and in 1999 I begin on MTX (over the years I go off the meds and get back on them). In 2003 or 2004 I was placed on Embrel, but later changed to Arava. I am currently taking MTX, Arava, and Mobic. However, I am not opposed to also trying resveratol.