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[/B i recently went to the doctor for severe pain in my hip and neck. after taking mutiple x-rays, he told me i have arthritis in both areas. i currently am taking Ultracet for back pain, but that had no effect on my hip or neck. he told me to continue with the Ultracet and he put me on 15 mg. Meloxicam (gen. for Mobic).

after taking this PIECE OF GOLD for only 2 days i feel i was dipped into the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!!!!! i can't explain how good i feel. i sleep the entire night - used to wake up several times from hip pain. i can put my socks on without pain from stretching. i can turn my neck in the parking lot without pain. i really don't know when i've felt this good.

has anyone else had such excellent results with this medication? i'm hoping it is a pill that i can continue to take - for the rest of my life if necessary!!!!!

i really hate all the "warnings" on this medication, but most medications have so many awful warnings that you are afraid to swallow the pill!!!!!

please - anyone who is/has been taking this medication, please let me know how you feel about it.

thanks, lucy
You're really lucky that Mobic works well for you. I tried it for awhile and found that it did nothing for me and it was horribly expensive. So, I stopped taking it and have better relief from Advil Liquigels.
Same here...I was on Vioxx and they switched me to Mobic when Vioxx was taken off the market. I started ordering it from Canada because it was cheaper. Then I realized it really wasn't doing much good..so now I just take Aleve and it works as good or better...and a lot cheaper....wish I had my Vioxx back...
actually i'm taking the GENERIC mobic. i get it thru my husband's work prescription plan and it is relatively inexpensive (thank goodness). i pray every night it continues to work because it was "heaven sent".