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I have osteo in my hips, knees and spine, probably other places. I had my left hip replaced in April of 2006 and since the pain has been minimual. I was able to do a little more. I then had my left knee replaced in August of 2007 and feel better than ever with regard to my OA. I am having other issues now that have nothing to do with that.

I too am about 100 lbs. overweight. I have always been very active and gained about 60 lbs. after I starting having trouble with my left hip. I suffered with it for several years, six to be exact, before having it replaced.

Water aerobics is great if you have a place to go. I also take Mobic everyday which has helped greatly. I also take hydrocodone on really bad days or when I need to be active.

Ask your doctor what he would be willing to do for you for your pain. Life is too short to be in pain. See an orthopedist. You will only feel better when you start to take action to do so.

I was really scared to get my hip replaced but it was not as bad as I thought it would be and defintely worth it.

Keep us posted on your progress and results.

My prayers are with you.:wave: