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Got dx of RA yesterday by my family doc.. She is making me an appt with a rheumy but in the meantime, she prescribed Mobic. I CANNOT take NSAIDS due to hemoraghic gastritis (bleeding guts!) but for some stupid reason she still wanted me to try it! Well, I tried it and am now curled up with a ball of pain in my stomach! What can those of us who definitely CANNOT take NSAIDS take to reduce the inflammation and pain??? I know once I get to the rheumy, prednisone is in my futuer (and I definitely dont need it.. I'm 25 pounds overweight already!!!!)... Is there anything I can take for this pain other than just tylenol that will help with the inflammation?
Okay, stay away from those Mobic! I understand, I can't have NSAIDS either.

For your smaller joints, like hands, wrists, ankles, maybe even knees and elbows, try some Aspercreme, or ask your doctor for prescription anti-inflammatory gel. It sometimes gets into the joint better than pills, and it doesn't affect your stomach at all.

When you get to the rheumatologist, she might start you on one of the biologics, or "Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs". These are "gentler" drugs than Prednisone which helps stop the immune system attacking joints. Some are called Remicade, Humira, and methotrexate. Most of them are pretty new, you can talk to the doctor about which might work for you.

Also, you might possibly be able to take Celebrex, especially if you throw in some Prilosec.