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Hi everyone..
Need a little help here. I have a single joint (middle) in my right pointer finger that has been red, swollen, and very tender to touch and when I move it. It started 6 months ago. Woke up one morning and noticed it was a bit tender. It slowly got worse and worse. Went to othopedic doc 3 months after initial onset and had lab work done (sed rate, crp, cbc, rh factor). He put me on mobic 15mg daily. This helped for about a week.. eased the pain and some of the swelling.
He tested me for gout and arthritis. All came back negative except for elevated WBC count. About a month later I was put on medrol and z-pak for a sinus infection by my ENT doc. All the swelling and discomfort in my finger went away while on the medrol (came back one day after last dose). Went back to ortho a few weeks later. He did additioal tests. He did a ANA that came back with interpertation of "weak positive". He also tried me on allopurinol for gout. There was no change while on this med. Pain had become so unbrearable he put me on medrol for about a week. This helped again. He referred me a rheumatologist but she said she could not help me (would not even see me) and advised that I either take a weeks worth of keflex or have a cortisone shot in my affected joint and have repeat lab work done in a month.
This is so discourageing. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I have been doing plenty of research on the internet. Does anyone think this could be septic arthritis? I havent had any recent infections but have in the past.