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Hey Moldova thanks for the hugs and blessings. It sounds like you are in a terrible mess and I really hate that for you. You have so much going against you for right now but still concerned about others. I have been thinking about changing my doctor but right now my insurance will only pay for him but he is suppose to be one of the top. Right!!!! I go see him soon and guess he and I will have to have a good talk. I don't know of any other surgeries coming up except I was suppose to have surgery on my left elbow for pinched nerve and also left wrist for carpal tunnel. But I just don't know because my right elbow still gives me a lot of pain after having surgery on it for the same thing last October. I might be better just to leave it alone. Good days/bad days. He put me on Mobic but I couldn't take that and really the Methotrexate really helped my pain so I thought he would go back to one of the DMARD's but he didn't.

Do you know when you will have to have some of your surgeries? You take care and get some rest.

Gentle Hugs