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My husband was diagnosed with PsA earlier this year & he is also being treated with Sulfasalazine. He is on the same dose but in the early stages he had to build up to the full dose- ie 1 tablet a day for a week followed by 2 a day the 2nd week etc. The drug has made a huge difference to him & though he still has some pain, he is now able to function in every day life! :)

It took a good 6 weeks at the full dose to have any affect though- it seems to build up slowly in the system. So far there have been no side affects fortunately but he still has to have blood tests to check on that. He also takes Mobic (anti inflam.) once a day. My husbands symptoms are mainly in his hands, fingers, wrists and shoulders. So far his legs, back & feet are fine but he has been told that it's early days yet. He had his first symptom (1 finger knuckle joint) early in 2007 & it took over a year to get a diagnoses.

Hope this helps & do let us know how he goes! ;)