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Hi All

I'm going to try and keep this short. I need help figuring out what I have what to next I just need help.

I am over weight have been my entire life. I have have HTN and diabetes 43yo female.

I had blood work done it showed an elevated ANA 48. Doc said wait a few wks repeat it. Few wks later it came back a little higher 53, was sent to rheumatologist. Forgot to mention and the reason for post. Through all of the this the worst pain I have ever experienced in my knees. Left worse but both bad. Would be up at nite crying like a baby, couldn't even sleep cause I couldn't even lay down the pain got worse with laying.

This all started about 4 months ago. I have missed a lot of wrk. I was give 2 cortisone injects in the left knee. Been going for PT 2x a wk getting elec stem and cold. Started with heat that made it worse. Was given percocets. None of this helps. The only thing that has gotten better is the pain when Iay. Oh, had xray they show osteoathritis in both knees visit to rhummy showed Ana norm now and neg for RA.

I take countless things on my own none help.

Read online vinegar helps. It didn't
Excedrine back and body
Triple flex
Flex all
Absorbine jr
Aspercream and the heat and night formula
Tumeric paste
Knee brace
Pain patch flector
Nothing helps. My main question is does this sound like OA? If so what can I do for relieve.
Please any advise is welcome. I have started to try and drop some pounds.

Thank you