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people who are in pain do deserve& have the right to be pain free, i am an addict an cancer survivor contstant pain thru adhesions from 3 surgeries and where i had to pee thru a catheter for years because they had to cut cancer off my bladder, i have pain every day and if i had 60 pain pills a day i would take them, if i had a morphine a bottle would be gone that day too, fentayl patches i ate them, if i was given oxys i chewed em up poof, if i tried to take enough for my pain i couldnt if i put 1 in my sytem i need 29 more in 5 minutes, i hurt everyday i can not handle the meds myself and if i asked some one to dole them out id probably beat the **** out of them if they didnt give me more when i wanted them, ive worked with pain mngmt specialists etc ,ive been honest and lied but i can not control the addiction one to me leads to 50, or more a day, i dont know what to say for you if YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR MEDS JUST FOR PAIN, then you should take them to control your pain, no one needs to suffer, i live with my pain because i CAN NOT control the meds and on days when i have no pain i still want medication, i was an addict before my pain and i am still one with no strength,