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I believe most of us have been in your friend position, and it is great to have a friend who understands your predicament. I didn't have anyone to even say some of this stuff out loud to until I found this board...thank god!!

I started the sub around 2 months ago, I have been taking pills for the last 5 years, and stopped only once for 9 months while I was pregnant, but literally the second she was born they were popping percs and morphine in me after a c-section and it all started again.

I am taking 24 mg, it took me about a week to feel truly normal, it took a little while to figure out the proper dose, the doc upped it 8mg and that is where I was finally comfortable. Had a hard time sleeping the first night....now I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Dry mouth for the first few days, but NOTHING compared to w/d very mild side effects. I have plenty of energy, I do not crave at all...I repeat I don't crave at all!! It is so strange, but it is true. I never thought this cycle would end. For some it is hard to end, b/c you have obligations and you can't be tied up on the couch for a month "waiting" out the W/d. This is all done under a dr supervision, the whole seeking out pills is a distant memory, and you really feel great. I def would suggest it to anyone who has tried to stop and failed many times...it truly is a wonder drug. Any questions or concerns please feel free to ask...we have all been there at one point or another. Good luck!!