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I must say buzzer..Whatever your deal{good luck you with the legal stuff} you have a valid point!!!However I am a believer in the addictive personality theory!!!I have been legitametely prescribed..Vicodans.Valium...Tylenol 3.Recently had major surg,,plenty of pain before the surg!!!! I found this site and began reading..2 months ago.I have recieved alot of reminders here and i am so greatful to have found this site and now im comin outta the closet,LOL.I knew this day was gonna come...I came here so i could learn what i would need to get through and some very wise words from many of you here.I am going to GNC tonight!!
When i first started taking my happy pills,{vicodan is like speed for me}..I did and do enjoy the buzz..However i want the clear headed mom and wife back..NOW!!!! I am ready to face the w/d's..I am not going to buy any extra..I AM<< >>DONE~!!!!!~I have what is referred to as an "addictive personality" and if i LET myself ..I can get LOST in alot of things that arent good for me!!!I dont want to get lost..I miss my family..I want to spend time working on our family..NOt running away from it..I know it is very easy for me to slip..I am grabbin my self up by the pants and im gonna heal..... Soon i will be back to work and this shall pass!!!!I say the serenity prayer everyday many times,LOL..You dont have to confess anything here,,,just remember..To Thine Own Self Be True!!!!! Day ONE of no pain meds here....I havebeen takin them everyday since 9-20-03plus recieved morphine during my stay at hosp..Recieved a pain shot from the ER.Im taking ibu ONLY!!!God bless everyone ...Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and i will do the same..