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Grateful, no it is called the Date Rape Drug and is now popular and called a club drug.

The web site is: [url="http://www.progectghb.org/"]www.progectghb.org/[/url]

It is really dangerous and on the rise, it doesn't show up in ordinary drug test so many people are starting to use it that are subjected to routine drug test (don't anybody get any ideas, read the facts first).

If you find positive information on it, don't believe it!!!! It is very addictive and dangerous. You can die from the detox, not just an overdose.

When my daughter first started taking it she could buy it at GNC stores and Gold's Gym, those were her two favorite places to get it. It was already banned sometime in the 1990's, but they started marketing it under other names - some of the ones I remember are:
NRG-3, Verve and Reviverant (I think). In 2000, it became a class something drug (never can remember but it is in the same class as heroin and morphine). Gold's Gym and GNC stores stopped carrying it, but she could still get it at a gym here. Now it is made, by god knows who and with god knows what, no control of any kind. It is basically floor stripper and draino.

She has been fighting this since July 2000, when she finally admitted she was addicted. She did go through a terrible detox, with two trips from the rehab to the ER, this still didn't stop her from relapsing, many times I might add. The latest I wrote about before, this September.