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To spark-o-cet
I you have heard on it, I have taken it, My main reason Morphine, Opuim, and Methadone at the last, 100 mg of hydrocodone would not even phase me. 200mg of methadone and 80 mg of Hydrocodone did give me a good buzz for about 6 hours.
I have access to about anything, and as we all know we are sneaky as hell.

But I feel great and have since I started wxcept the firsy 1-3 days.

Great day to be alive, taking my 10 year old daughter ro a movie gotta got

Hope I have not broken any house rules

Opium is one of the hardest to come off of, because it contains everything morphine, codeine, and some other they still don't know about. I tried Hydrocodone, but it didn't work at any amount. Do not go to rehab, that is a revolving, At most find a samhsa center for Methadone treatment until you can find a Subutex, Suboxone doctor, Methadone will get rid of all withdrawl once they get your dosing right. Problem is you will have to go there every morning, It’s worth the effort, When you switch to Subutex, Suboxone you will have the first 3 day are rough, the first is the worst, but nothing like full withdrawl, If you start on a fridat, you should be ready for work on Monday, there is so much more to tell, you’re life will change as you never imagined.

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