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I was so happy to see that Methoadone is helping and also that there is a place where one can get help. I have been using opiom (the raw opiom by smoking) and I am trying to stop. It is VERY difficult. I know that there should be a way similar to what is done for pills.
Would you please help me with this info:
Is it possible for me to contact a methadon treatment center (if it is the name!) and remain anonymous?
What is the condition for that? Should I register somewhere?
Sorry if I am so naive. I do not have any information in this regard.

For more info: I was smoking around 1-2 grams per day. I decreased it to around 0.75 grams (note that the raw opiom has around 15% purity, that has about 24 alkaloids like Morphine, Heroin, etc. in it, and when smoking 50-60% is absorbed through the lungs)
I stopped it a week ago, and I am using Acetamonophen+Codeine (about 10 pills/ day) but it does not help. I am always tired, sleepless, etc. I can not work properly.

I appreciate any advice.