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Hi there, Well i must say that iread all these letters from people and i was scared to death to have my surgery. On March15,2001 i underwent a tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy and i must say it was horrible I am 30 and though my recovery time was 2 weeks, When i woke up in the hospital, i was in so much pain they gave me morphine. I can home and oh my pain i must say sleeping was the worst i got deyhrated which happens and on the 9 day spent the whole day choking on blood and eating ice chips so the blood would clot and the bleeding would stop. From 7 am till 9pm nothing but bleeding and choking and the doc told me to swallow it all so i wouldnt irretate the throat and it would be ok. Well to date which it is 17 days now i still cant eat and i am drinking better but the fluid wants to come out my nose everytime i try to take a sip of something and when i eat it must be soup or mushy stuff and for those beer lovers forget it. WOW talk about bringing tears to your eyes try to take a sip it burned so bad i couldnt help but cry. SO i wish all of you luck and i hope to are sucessful. I just hope it was all worth it for me and i wont get sick anymore, If so it will be a miracle