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Dear Crying Alot, first let's thank God that you can cry, it's indicative of being alive and intouch.

I just felt the dire need to caution you on the severity of drug addiction. Especially those so well loved and favorites like Percodan, Codeine, Oxycotin, etc. I was once a pain pill junkie until it accelerated into heroin and morphine. Let's just say I got robbed of 30 years of my life and today I have the victory.

My point? No doubt your pain is real, so is mine. But it wasn't until I gave it all to God and lay my worries at the foot of the cross and prayed that I would one day be set free from all the anguish of my weaknesses; body, mind and soul.

I was immediately delivered from a myriad of health problems from addictions to viruses. From depression to suicide. From rejection to acceptance. From anger to peace and from despair to hope.

I overcame future attacks by the power of my testimony and how God met me at such a low point in my life. You can be just as blessed. I will offer up a prayer this very moment and I will continue to intercede at the throne of grace where our God reigns until you have a real breakthrough in your condition.

My only regret is that I cannot be with you right now and pray with you.

This is not a religious ploy to influence anyone regarding what God to worship. I seek not to offend anyone but to minister hope and healing by the power of God within me. And I in no way am suggesting that you stop seeing a doctor or taking your medication. What I have doesn't come by either yet the healing is forever.

I still struggle with another illness (HCV) but I have been able to live a very happy and fulfilling life and symptom free. Like I said, I've got the victory! My desire is that you have the same.