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Thank You all for your Replies. I appreciate them.

I agree with you Blue...thanks.

I went to the ER of a University Hospitol (which is outta town). They took a chest xray, blood, urine. They put me on the monitor, pumped me up with morphine, took two ekgs, and gave me a general heart ultrasound and stress test.
The result? They said they do not know, could be anything, but did not rule out any heart problems, said to follow up with a doctor who will do further testing. Said my cholesterol is high, enzymes were okay...am at high risk...and don't get on a nordatrack.
They did not tell me what the result of the ekg was or why they took it two differnt times...of course I was on morphine so didnt think to ask.
Anyhow, I am looking for a doctor who will get to the bottom of this...who will run further tests as suggested by the ER doctors.
Still having the problem...

No hearniated esphogus, no stomach ultser, not anxiety...these have been ruled out.