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It could be broken ribs or just bruised ribs and the ribs tend to take a long time to heal. X-rays would be needed to confirm if there were any broken ribs or not. If you feel they may be broken then ask your doc to order an x-ray for you. The doc was not totally correct in saying they don't do anything for broken ribs because they do (sort of). Usually a rib belt is ordered to help keep everything in place so that it hopefully doesn't hurt so much when you move etc. Basically a rib belt is nothing more than an elastic binder with velcro that holds it attached. If the meds the doc ordered are not really doing anything for you I would head back to the docs office and get this checked out. Vioxx is an anti-inflammatory and Kadian is a new form of extended release morphine which is a very powerful pain med. If that isn't doing the trick at all then see the doc.