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My dh was recently in a pretty bad accident (someone hit him while he was at a dead stop on him motorcycle). He was lucky to get away w/a small fracture on one of his verterbra. At the hospital they had him on demerol,then morphine, and then oxycontine and roxacet. During the time he was on the oxycontine I noticed that he seemed to have meomory problems. He would ask questions over and over and wouldn't remember things that were told to him. This created a lot of problems when the doctor would come in to tell him things and then he couldn't remember what was said to him. Or he would only get pieces of it right. Now that he is home he isn't on it anymore and doing much better. At the hosptial he didn't even want to get out of bed let alone try and walk but now he feels better all around. I don't not recommend this drug to anyone! And after seeing the affects it's had long term on others I am angry that it was given to him w/o side affects being mentioned to us.

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