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I am new. hi to all. I had surgery on my left shoulder after falling off my bike. I did a
crash landing into my driveway. It was bad. I went to the hospital the next day, and they made
me hold a 10 pound bag. I thought I was going to go out of my mind! And, I thought they were! I did it. They said it wasn't broken, but I jammed it very well!
After a few weeks, I went to my doc and he ordered an MRL. I blew the whole thing out. My ortho opened it up and told everyone in the operating room he was just going to close it back up.
But he considered my age, and went ahead with it. I was on morphine, every 2 hours. Had a 4 inch cut. It was terrible. He said it had been tore before. It went out again, and I had to get another doctor to go in and see if he could do anything with it. The first time in his career
he couldn't. The only thing left, is a bad surgery where they take the muscle from my back and rearrange it up and into my shoulder. He woulen't do it because it he doesn't like the results. He could refer me to someone who had more respect for the procedure. I don't think so. I slept on my right side for 6-8months.
Guess what? I had an MRI done on my right shoulder, and it is ripped, severely damaged, and has a big spur. The original doctor, who is very good, I don't think will go into me again. I wish you all, great success with all of your surgeries and outcomes! Don't wait too long like someone I know personally!