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Has anybody had this diagnosed before.It was orginally diagnosed as von-wilabrands blood disorder then they down graded it to Platelet dysfunction.
Now they say I don't have it yet when I was orginially diagnosed they said there was no cure for either and it was a life long illness.
Now if it's gone thats superb but can it just disappear like that or are the other illness's diguising this.I have ,chronic fatigue,
fibromialgia,rhumatiod arthritis,plus lately a very numb tongue.Had Bells Palsy last christmas and part of face is still slightly numb but am wondering about this blood disorder now I am getting so confused.I rattle when I walk now because of all the meds I am on which by the way are now starting to NOT work:-(
But doctors have given me Pethidene and will give me Morphine if I need it just have to stop being stubborn and ask them.
They have said that the sooner I accept my life with these illness's in them the sooner we can manage the pain.That I need to stop fighting them for a cure because it's not going to happen:-(
Has anybody else been told this to accept it and give up any hope of finding a better way to live than this painful way.
Sorry I don't mean my first post for about two years to be so whiney but am at the end of my rope and ready to just about swing from a rope.
Any info would be great?