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I just wanted to make one thread to see what people thought about suboxone and it's effectiveness. I was very displeased with the drug myself but it seems to work very well with people who have hydrocodone addictions. The reason I wanted to make mention is that this new drug was supposed to eradicate the clinics and I really dont see that happening. Ive been on as high as 24mg before I was put back on methadone. It was so much easier getting the drug in the mail in 30 counts rather than going to a clinic every day or every 5 days but that makes very little leeway for people who are trying to beat chronic morphine "derivative" addictions.

My other question is are there other people here that are heroin, morphine, hydromorphone, fentanyl ect. addicts and or IV users that have made progress with this drug? Even oxycodone if you were over the 500mg mark.
I don't know what it's really like for a heavy narcotics IV user, I'm 39 now, and when I was 20-21 I was bumping Dilaudid 4mg 4 times a day. But what put the hook in me was after surgery in July 1998, was supposed to be on Morphine pump for 2 days, ending up 5 days and they where changing it all the time, plus they where giving shots of demerol every 6 hours, I quit everything Feb 2000, Went thru rehab and stayed clean and misable for 3 years, I take from 12-24, mg of Suboxone per day, Before I went on Suboxone I was taking 80-100 mg of methadone. Worked very good, When I switch, My Dr told me to take 1/4 of a pill then wait for six hours. I was at work I didn't know what the max was. Called in sick 2 days, Went back to work looking like death, call the doctor and he said to take it to 8mg per day, worked much better, but a few days later I called and went to 16mg per day, finally starting to work, They don't reccomend going from methaode to Suboxone until your can may it on 30-40 mgs per day, My first three days where the worst, until I got to 16mg that I started feeling normal, I now take between 12-24 per day, and I work hard to do that. I think the switch over is much harder for Methadone, than from hydrocodone. I did have a very rough first 3 days, and a hard time for three weeks, but the freedom is well worth the pain