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I've had 3 flexible bronchoscopys in 18 months, to biopsy a mass like region in the right lower lobe. They hooked me up to an IV and gave me Versed and morphine; then sprayed lidocaine down my throat to anesthetize the pharanx to minimize coughing, this was rather
uncomfortable. I didn't get enough sedative on the first bronch and was awake the whole time. The 2nd and 3rd time I told them to give me enough to knock me out; I didn't remember a thing. I was a little wheezy for a couple of days afterwards.
The 1st 2 times the bronchoscope tube was passed up my nose; the 3rd time, they said it went directly in my mouth. The bronchoscope has little tongs that can take tissue samples; also can take brushings and squirt saline.
None of the bronchs found anything, other than some colonizing staph a. There is a small chance [5%] the bronchoscope could puncture the lung and cause a pneumothorax; in
that case they would hold you til it resolved. You can't drive after the procedure because of the Versed.