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Hello averyone.

Well i hope someone in here can help me out with a little problem i have.

i am addicted to codeine phosphate and have just started taking 8mg of suboxone / day by my local drugs and alcahol team over in the hospital grounds where i live.

But at the moment i have just been tested positive for heroin / morphine.

And once upon a time i am 100% sure that i read a post with something like in an addicted codeine user the body can or could convert about 10% of the codeine intake to morphine.??

Is this true or can anyone point me in the right dirrection of this post etc

opiates convert to morphine once they get into your body........morphine remains the same.....ex...if you took hydrocodone after a short duration in your body it turns to morph...thats why they can drug test for oxycodone specifically but its easier just to do a random for morphine,then if they need to know what individual type of med you took,they run specific tests for hydro,ect....suboxone/subutex,buprenex will show up in a urine analysis only if they are looking for it specifically and that test costs big bucks.....chef
hi rudder..

that post wasnt the one i was looking for..

hi chefob1 ???.
can you give me some more info on this information on the boddy converting opiates / codeine phosphate into morphine.

I am getting the results of another drugs test on monday morning and i am scared at what the result will be..
i tested possitive for heroin/morphine on thursday and have NEVER taken that strong a drug.
To me nothing has changed , so the result i think will be the same.
If it is i am 100% sure i will be removed from there treatement programm and have to do this on my own.
I dont want this to happen as up to now 8mg / day of suboxone IS helping me get along (10 would be better).
I want to show these 2 poeple i am seing some sort of explanation as how i showed up possitive.
I am so scared i dont know what to do and have no one to turn to, so this is realy a 1 man game i have to win.
6 days into this detox and i would have never thaught in a million years i would be able to go 6 days without taking any codeine.
That to me in itself is an acheivement,i just hope i can get to the end of it and hopefully one day lead a happy and clean life and for a change enjoy it better.

If anyone has anymore info about this type of problem will you please reply back to me as soon as you can please.

thankyou for your help
'Lo all,
I posted the message on your last thread about codeine phoshate addiction. As far as I know, about 10% of codeine is converted into morphine by the body. Type in the words solpadeine and help into google and you should get some interesting results to help you on the way.
God bless