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My Mom says "You look tired" when I see her. Its a nightmare to be a morphine addict...
i used to look in the mirror when i would kick and i looked insane..my pupils were huge/glassy..but it passes..don't worry..
Respo- Hi! Your post said you are a morphine addict..pills or shooting?i read your other post-you seem really bummed..tell me your story..i was addicted to iv H..for many years-now on suboxone-have you considered methadone or sub?Its a way out!Sub is cool cos you don't need the clinic..take your pills at home..i was a really heavy user and im not using now..so there is hope..i actually feel pretty good most of the time-still have the ocassional weak moments but don't act on it..
Really helps the cravings/depression..im still up/down but im bi-polar so its to be expected..but this med saved my life..ive lost many of my old pals to od's-and i was running out of luck..
Tell me..
heather :confused: