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From what I have seen, going to Subutex/Subxone from Hydrocodone is a pretty easy switch, But going from Morphine, or Methadone, the first day is the worst, and after about 3 days you fall into place, Mine might not have been so rough if my doctor had told me the Max max 24mg per day, and I started on 8mg per day for the first 2 weeks, he went up to 12-16 mg per day, and that did the trick. I try to stay now at 8-12 mg per day because of the cost.Had 1 friend that went to see my Doctor had been taking 100-150 mg per day of hydrocodone. Made it just fine on 8 mg per day, When I first started hetold me to take 1/4 tablet and see what that did, there are lots of people that make it on 2mgs per day, In it's pain killer form the dose is .2 mg in temgesic, I think that right. some 1 8mg pill is equal to 40 pain killer doses.

Good luck